8000 reverse

8000 Reverse

What is 8000 REVERSE?

8000 REVERSE is the way to call reverse charge to Australia from the United Kingdom (UK). 

How does 8000 REVERSE work?

To make a reverse charge call from the United Kingdom to Australia contact the BT International Operator by dialling 155 in the UK. 

What is the price to accept an 8000 REVERSE call on a fixed line in Australia?

8000 Reverse
International Call
Connection Fee Talktime Charge Minimum Call Charge Maximum Call Charge Maximum Call Length
Calls originating from the UK accepted on Australian fixed lines $5.00 $11.00 per 3 minute block $16.00 $225.00 120 minutes

All prices are inclusive of GST.

Before choosing to accept an 8000 Reverse international call you can always use the option provided to review the charges by pressing # on your phone keypad. If you don't wish to speak to the caller, hang up or press 7 on your keypad to deny the call.

Critical Information Summary – 8000 Reverse