About 1800 Reverse


From 1 July 2019, 1800-Reverse will no longer be available to get you connected. Thanks for using our service. Our Customer Service Centre will remain open until 12 noon EST on Wed 31 July 2019. 

1800 REVERSE is an Australian company that offers convenient and easily accessible reverse charge calls for people who need to stay connected with friends and family, but don't have credit or coins to make a conventional call.

Starting in 2000 and specialising in reverse charge phone calls, 1800 Reverse were the first provider in the Australian market to use a phone word as its name. With an easy-to-remember free call number which spells out the name of the service, as well as endorsements with well-known identities such as Holly Valance and Pat Rafter, 1800 Reverse established itself as the number to know for reverse charge phone calls in Australia.

In 2005 we expanded our service to offer reverse charge calls to mobiles. So no matter where you find yourself, 1800 Reverse is dedicated to making sure that your loved ones are never far from reach by mobile or at home. We understand that life happens, sometimes unexpectedly. Things change suddenly and you might not always have the change or credit to get in touch with the person you need, when you need them. That’s why 1800 Reverse is only used on-demand, and is not a subscription service. There's no need to register, and the receiver of the call is only charged for calls they choose to accept.

Today 1800 Reverse provides an optional 'call of last resort' reverse charge calling service which is charged at a premium rate for calls which are accepted. The service is designed for occasional use only when an urgent or important call is needed, and there are no other options available to connect. It is not designed for everyday calling.

The 1800 Reverse service is accessible 24-7 from out-of-credit Telstra, Optus, Virgin and Vodafone prepaid mobiles, and we allow our users to make reverse charge calls to both mobiles and fixed lines across Australia. 1800 Reverse is the only reverse charge provider in Australia that is still accessable from prepaid mobiles on Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and Virgin even after the prepaid recharge period has expired.

Due to its flexibility and availability, accepted calls are charged at a premium compared to conventional calls. When receiving a 1800 Reverse call, before you choose to accept or decline, you can always check the price by pressing the # key as advised in the call presentation. 

We’re committed to providing the most convenient, most accessible and highest quality reverse charge phone service possible. If you have any questions or suggestions on how we can help you stay connected, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

The Team at 1800 Reverse | Stay Connected