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Use our iPhone app

Make a 1800 Reverse charge call on your iPhone at the touch of a button with the 1800 Reverse iPhone App!

Simply search the App Store for 'reverse charge call', and you'll find the 1800 Reverse iPhone App. It's free to download. Get it on your phone today so you've got piece of mind that it's there if you need it. Once it's downloaded and appearing as a new tile in your iPhone menu, just tap it to open the app and start making a reverse charge call.

You can choose to dial a new number to call reverse charges to, or if you aren't sure of the number at the top of your head, you can easily pick the number from the contacts list of your phone. Better yet, once you make a call through the app, it will save that number in your recent calls list, so you can easily redial that number if you need to. Easy!

No credit? No worries! Reverse charge calls are always at your fingertips, with the 1800 Reverse iPhone App! Get it on your iPhone today so you can always stay connected.

All you need is mobile coverage, and Wi-Fi or mobile data to connect to the internet. Works with all mobile providers in Australia. Mobile internet browsing data charges may apply when accessing the App.