Price to receive a call on a home phone

1800 Reverse will only charge the person receiving the call when they choose to accept the charges by pressing 9 on their phone keypad. 1800 Reverse is not a subscription service, the person receiving the call must choose to accept the charges each and every and time they receive a call. There is no charge if the call is not connected, or if the person receiving the call chooses not to accept the call and the charges.

If the person is calling from a fixed line and is unable to get connected, they may choose to leave a reverse charge message. In this instance, the receiver of the message will be charged $5.40 if they choose to receive and listen to the recorded message.

Reverse Call Type Connection Fee Talktime Charge Minimum Call Charge Maximum Call Charge Maximum Call Length

Accepted on Fixed Line

$18.99 flat rate for 45 minutes talktime. Call ends automatically after 45 minutes.


45 minutes

Message Delivery


$5.40 per message delivered

(available on calls from fixed lines only)


1 minute

All prices are inclusive of GST

Charges for calls accepted on home phones are added to your regular fixed line phone bill. 

To see the price for 1800 Reverse calls accepted on fixed lines before 4th December 2017, click here

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