Price to receive a call on a mobile

1800 Reverse will only charge the person receiving a call on their mobile after they accept the charges by pressing 9 on their mobile keypad. 1800 Reverse is not a subscription service, the person receiving the call must choose to accept the call and the charges every time they receive a call.

All accepted calls are charged to the receiving person's mobile by Carrier Billing or Premium SMS. There is no charge if the call is not connected, or if the person receiving the call chooses not to accept the charges. Call talktime does not start until the call is connected; this is after the person receiving the call presses 9 on their keypad to accept the charges.

Calls are charged a Connection Fee of $5    AND   a Talktime Charge of $5 per minute which is based on the length of the call. 

Call Type Connection  Fee on All Calls

plus Talktime Charge

(based on length of call)


Call Charge


Call Charge

Accepted on Mobile

Minute 1

$5.00 per minute billed in 1 minute block

$10.00 for up to 1 minute Talktime

(charged by two $5 blocks)

$20.00 for up to 5 minutes Talktime


(charged by four $5 blocks)

Minute 2

$5.00 per minute billed in 1 minute block

Minute 3

$5.00 per minute billed in 1 minute block

Minute 4


Call ends automatically after maximum length of 5 minutes

Minute 5

All prices are inclusive of GST.

Maximum call cost is $20 billed by way of four $5 charging messages sent by premium SMS or Direct Carrier Billing. Charging messages are sent from short code 19901800 in $5 blocks. The charging SMS sent for each $5 charge includes a unique receipt number. Every accepted call is sent a minimum of two $5 charging messages (totalling $10). The total number of charging messages sent for each accepted call depends on the talktime duration. We attempt to deliver all charges as soon as possible after the call is completed, however in some cases they may take longer to arrive. 

$Msg at the start of the SMS you receive from 19901800 indicates that Premium SMS has been used to bill the call charges. SMS received from 19901800 which do not include $Msg at the start of the message indicate that Carrier Billing has been used to bill the call charges. Both billing methods allow 3rd party content and premium services to be charged to mobile phone accounts, and 1800 Reverse calls cannot be received on mobiles which do not support one of these methods. The call charges are the same for both billing methods.

Visit our FAQs for more information on how and when 1800 Reverse calls are billed to prepay and pay monthly mobiles. 

For Charges Support or to stop receiving 1800-Reverse calls, call Customer Service on 1300360522.

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