Stay Safe

Stay Safe | 5 Tips for a Top Night Out

  1. Go out with at least one other person and stick together
  2. Don't accept drinks or any other substances from strangers
  3. If someone pays you unwanted attention move to another area or get help from a friend, security or a police officer
  4. Always carry your identification, such as a school photo or drivers licence
  5. Save 1800 Reverse in your mobile. Know the number and also the numbers of your key contacts off-by-heart, so you are always just a reverse phone call away 

1800 Reverse Takes Safety Seriously

1800 Reverse is dedicated to providing the quickest and most accessible way for Australians to connect with their loved ones in times of emergency. With partnerships with law enforcement agencies such as the Queensland Police Missing Persons' Unit, we are committed to educating young Australian on the best ways to stay safe and stay connected.

1800 Reverse is Available Whenever You Need Help

1800 Reverse is available 24/7/365, so you always have a way of getting in touch with family or friends when you really need them. If you happen to find yourself in a threatening or uncomfortable situation, help or advice from loved ones is only a phone call away with 1800 Reverse. The service is available from mobile phones and fixed lines in Australia. And just because you're out of credit, doesn't mean you're out of luck. You can still make a call to 1800 Reverse from Telstra, Optus, Virgin and Vodafone prepaid mobiles even if you're out of credit or your recharge period has expired. 1800-Reverse is the only provider in Australia which lets you get connected when you're out of credit, or your recharge has expired, on all major Australian mobile networks. And 1800-Reverse also lets you connect to both mobile numbers and fixed line numbers across Australia. 

Be Prepared

1800 Reverse is a handy tool that puts personal safety back in your hands. By just dialling 1800...followed by the numbers that spell R-E-V-E-R-S-E on your keypad, you can get connected and get out of whatever situation you find yourself in. Since you never know when you might need to use the service in an emergency, we recommend that all Australians save the 1800 Reverse number into their phone, so it's easy to access if you ever need it in a hurry.